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Arab Water World May-June 2004

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The article “New Developments in Filter Cartridges for Reverse Osmosis Pre-filtration” was originally featured as an Industry Spotlight on Filtration in their May-June 2004 issue.

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New Developments in Filter Cartridges for Reverse Osmosis Pre-filtration

Arab Water World Magazine (May-June 2004)

Reverse osmosis (RO) pretreatment systems are designed to reduce suspended solids to a level that will provide the most suitable conditions for the performance of the membrane system. Depending upon the quality of the feed water, pretreatment may include settlement, clarification, multi-media filtration, and chemical treatment. However, sediment pre-filtration is always required to ensure that the suspended materials in the source water do not permanently clog or foul the membrane. Reduction of suspended matter in RO feedwater is a standard requirement to ensure cost-effective and efficient water treatment and enhanced RO system life.

In the early days, only cotton string wound onto a steel core was available for filtration. Today there is a wide choice in filter cartridges and filter media. The advantages and dis-advantages of various types of filter cartridges need to be considered to make the right choice for RO pre-filtration.

Filter cartridge made from new continuous media

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