Syntech Fibres makes the following cartridge types.

Polypropylene Cartridge

Extractable-free media filter cartridge

Pure polypropylene Sedifilt filter cartridges are free from any extractables and contain no lubricants, wetting agents, emulsifiers, ant-oxidants or anti-static agents, etc. It is certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for Drinking Water System Components and Health Effects. Available in up to 72 inch (1829 mm) length and up to 6 inch (152 mm) diameter.

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Polyester Media

Polyester media filter cartridge

Polyester media filter cartridges with stainless steel core are also available for applications where their temperature and chemical resistance is more suitable; e.g. for filtration of edible and petroleum oils, etc.

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Reverse Osmosis Cartridge

Extractable-free media filter cartridge

Sedifilt Cartridge for Reverse Osmosis Plants are effective and efficient for removal of silt, sand, rust and other suspended particles from RO feed water.

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High Flow Cartridge

High flow cartridge

Designed for High Flow housings and applications like large RO plants, produced water filtration, amine and glycol filtration. The Sedifilt High Flow filter cartridge has a 6-inch diameter, giving four times higher dirt holding capacity together with lower differential pressure and higher flow rates.

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Coalescer Cartridge

Coalescer cartridge

Sedifilt Coalescer cartridges reduce cost of filtration with enhanced performance, and is ideal for condensate removal and oil adsorption in both liquid/liquid and liquid/gas applications. The high-bulk, stable, three-dimensional random structure comprising multi-lobal filaments results in direct interception and coalescence of dispersed liquid phase.

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Natural cotton cartridge

Natural cotton cartridge

Natural cotton cartridge with galvanized carbon steel core for oils, paints, organic solvents, alcohols, petroleum & other non-food applications (for use up to 130 C).

Cotton cartridges are also available in other core types upon request.

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Bleached Cotton Media

Bleached cotton cartridge

Bleached cotton cartridge with stainless steel core meets food standards for use up to 130 C. For distilled water, beverages, vegetable oils, petroleum, fatty acids, and alcohols.

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Strainer Cartridge

Pure polypropylene strainer cartridge

Pure polypropylene strainer cartridge for filtering out large contaminants can be back flushed for longer service life. The unique filter media consisting of continuous monofilaments, is free from media migration, has high dirt holding capacity and low pressure drop. It incinerates to trace ash without harm to the environment.

NSF Mark

Certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 61.

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